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Restoration commences

Before ARIES can take her place in the Wealden Pullman, considerable restoration works are required. Whilst her former owners cared for her well, it is nearly 50 years since she last ran in service & time has inevitably taken its toll.

Because the K&ESR's own Carriage & Wagon workshops had a fully committed work program, it was considered vital that the initial restoration work on ARIES did not have a detrimental effect. Prior to removal from her former home in Devon, ARIES was surveyed & she travelled direct to our chosen contractor for initial restoration works to be undertaken. The contractor was also responsible for the groundbreaking work to restore the Brighton Belle to main line service, so ARIES had some good company in their workshops!

An appeal in the K&ESR members' magazine The Tenterden Terrier resulted in a good number of generous donations to the ARIES Appeal, which enabled the contractor to continue with the planned programmed works. Lifting of the vehicle from its bogies enabled repairs to the steam heating pipework. The drawgear was overhauled & a missing buckeye coupler & associated components have been replaced with new or overhauled. The vacuum brake cylinders were removed, cleaned, seals changed, re-assembled & tested. Brake gear that was damaged when ARIES retired to her static role has been repaired.

The bogies themselves were disassembled & bolsters cleaned & painted into topcoat and a leaf Spring replaced. The wheelsets were sent to a subcontractor for tyre turning in order to remove surface pitting that had occurred during the 45 years since ARIES last ran in service. New centrepins were made to replace those cut when the body was lifted into place in the pub car park in 1968.
Descaling of the underframe, battery & associated electrical equipment housings was progressed for painting.

ARIES on lifting jacks at Rampart Barrow Hill WorkshopARIES on lifting jacks at Rampart Barrow Hill Workshop

Representatives of the K&ESR made various visits to our contractor to view progress with the works. Restoration of external bodywork will be the next focus, which is likely to occupy many hundreds of hours. Investment here however will ensure that ARIES remains, with little more than routine maintenance, in good order for many years to come. This is particularly important given the limited downtime available in the Wealden Pullman schedule each season.

Following completion of mechanical works, ARIES was transported by road to her new home here at the K&ESR.

Aries 020615

 Aries on arrival at Wittersham Road Station, 2nd June 2015